Mobile Money Agent Murdered At Tema Community 25 Around Goodness Filling Station


Another daylight robbery at Tema Community 25 Momo agent murdered by armed and took away Ghc30k. According to the eyewitness who narrated the incident to the police.

He indicated the two-armed robbers came to the MOMO shop to withdraw money and parked their motorbike in front of the shop. They were gently dressed and you wouldn’t suspect them to be armed robbers.

The moment they entered the shop, he was instructed to kneel and bring everything he has with him. He also complied and gave them his Ghc200 cash he has withdrawn.

One of them went inside the shop and forced the agent to bring all his money but the agent refused to give them the money, he shot the agent and took all the money.

After they went, he started shouting for help, those who heard him came around and they called the police to report the incident.

They took the mobile money agent to the hospital but he died on the way.