Details About Anthony Muhia, Husband Legendary Marathoner Catherine Ndereva


Anthony Muhia is husband to retired legendary Marathoner of all times Catherine Ndereva. He is also the father of his children among them Jane Wairimu their daughter as well a gentleman who has always been the pillar and strength of the family always being there to provide support of any.

Unknown to many, Anthony Muhia holds bachelor's degree in Computer Science as well aviation hence a pilot by profession. He has always been a pilot a job that really requires his full focus and determination to always focus on how he can change the life of his family for the better.

Anthony Muhia has always supported his wife to see her through, at times even running with her jointly during her active days in running. However he vastly keeps off limelight as he vastly does his things behind the curtains.

Anthony Muhia and his wife Catherine have really remained strong as a family with strong covalent love bonds. They have however kept their relationship vastly off public limelight something that has seen them through achieving goals and attaining their intended ambitions in life.