How Fans Reacted To The News That UCL Away Goal Rule Will Be Scrapped Next season


Many clubs are going to suffer starting next season as the away goal rule is going to be scrapped.

The UEFA Executive Committee on Thursday 24th approved the proposal to scrap the ruling - which was first introduced in 1965 - following the recommendation of the UEFA Club Competitions Committee and the UEFA Women’s Football Committee.

All this time the rule has been used to determine the winner of a two-legged knockout tie in the case where both teams were level on aggregate at the end of the two matches. This rule appeared to disadvantage some teams particularly home teams who could just sit deep playing non attacking football. Then should he away team score a certain goal they will also revert to defensive football this playing a boring football.

For example Tottenham HotSpurs progressed to the 2019 men's final after beating Manchester City on away goals in the quarters and then Ajax in the Semis. Paris Saint-Germain and Porto both benefitted from the ruling during the 2020-21 Champions League campaign. Porto knocked Juventus on that Away Goal Rule.

Here were some of Fans reactions

without away goals rule in the last 3 seasons…

Man United’s comeback v PSG❌

Man City v Spurs QF 4-3 game of the season❌

Spurs’ SF comeback v Ajax ❌

Lyon knock out Ronaldo’s Juve❌

Porto knock out Ronaldo’s Juve❌

Many fans are divided on the recent development which may affect the football which has a huge fan base world wide. Many feel that the rule should not be implemented as that's why we have a two legged tie. Others feel that soccer has been boring as some teams will have unfair advantage over the opponents with that rule in play.