"This government lack knowledge"- George Opare Addo


On United Television (Utv) Adeakye nsroma programme which is held by Agya Kwabena on the discussion of the fight against galamsey and the threat of the military man against Midia and others matters.

In the discussion Agya Kwabena ask about the step the government is taking against the fight of galamsey, the burning of excavators, is it good steps or a wrong step the government is taking.

In the reply to the question asked by Agya Kwabena, The Former Municipal Chief Executive of Akuapem North, George Opare Addo as National Youth Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), said this government lack knowledge of fighting this galamsey and the person who introduce those step in the fight of galamsey, even his or her 8 years child will not do that, because the excavator can be use for National work that will even benefit the country and cutdowns some expenses or it can be use to reform or restructure the degraded land which has been destroy by the galamsey operators already.

He go on saying, doing this alone can even employ many Ghanaian youth to work in the process of reafforestation and thr leveling of the land, but if the government order them to burn this expensive excavators, he don't think the government is doing the right.

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