Doctor Shares The Causes Of Kidney Diseases


A medical doctor has shared the causes of kidney disease and asked people to stay away from the things that might damage their kidneys.

Peter Atangwho, a health and wellness champion, medical doctor, author, and CEO Telemed Clinic, stated that there was a rise in kidney disease. He added that both young and old are needing new kidney.

The medical doctor further gave some causes of kidney disease. He stated that hypertension, NSAIDs abuse, dehydration, diabetes and toxins from herbs are some cause of kidney disease.

He advised that people should take care of their God-given kidney because not everyone can afford a kidney transplant.

It is not news that there has been awareness to educate people on the need to take care of their Kidney.

Kidney disease does not know the rich or poor, the young or old. It is no respecter of anybody.

Take care of your kidney and spread the news.