The Desire To Make Our Own Money Cannot Be Quenched - Nollywood Actress

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We live in a part of the world where most women are regarded as being interested in money.

They prefer to go into a relationship with rich men because of the benefits they will gain from the relationship.

This is the major reason why the success of any woman is regarded as some benefits which she gained from her rich lover.

You will rarely find a woman who would love to marry a man who is still struggling to have a comfortable lifestyle.

Most of them prefer to meet a rich man who is already financially prosperous.

However, some women would rather prefer to work hard to earn their own money and would never depend on the money of any man.

A Nigerian actress, Sonia Ogiri, has stated that people should stop associating the success of a woman, her houses, or cars with rich men.

She said most men in this generation are hungry and ninety-six percent of women in this generation are very hard-working.

She said she wouldn't be surprised at all if most of them were involved in Yahoo and drugs. Sonia said a lot of women are successful in this generation.

She said most women in this era now have the courage that kings and lions had.

She said it is impossible to quench the desire that young women have to earn their own money, and they don't look up to men to become prosperous.

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