"Hii Ni Mchezo Ya Big Boys" Multimillion Cars Involved In An Accident In A Clearly Marked Blackspot

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Road accidents in our country are always caused by the high level of ignorance many motorists have while driving on the road. Many reckless drivers always cause accidents while joking in the road or doing some things for fun.

An accident has happened today at Limuru involving a Toyota Prado Tx and a Fortuner. What shocked many netizens is that near the accident scene there was a very clear indication and warning that drivers should not overtake or overspeed wrongly at the route.(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

The two owners of the vehicles are allegedly said to be driving recklessly on the road before a collision happened that made the Toyota Prado Tx to roll as the Fortuner came to a standstill besides the road.(Photo| courtesy)

All motorists are therefore adviced to take care while driving since even netizens claimed the two vehicles were ignorant and joking since there is no way you can get an accident at a clearly marked blackspot. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Source screenshot)

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