Mutahi Ngunyi Drops a Bombshell to Kikuyus, Advising Them On This Leader Ahead of 2022


All political leaders are trying their level best to cement their ambitions before the 2022 general elections. Political temperature has been on rising as days go by. Succession politics have been a nightmare to all leaders. However, all political leaders who are in the presidential race have been visiting Mount Kenya promptly.

Deputy President is among the leaders who have been meeting with the central people as he urges them. DP Ruto got tremendous support from the region when they voted in Wanjiku of the UDA party.

This has raised the temperature in the region leading to Raila Odinga hosting some of the leaders from Mount Kenya at the coast. Raila Odinga has been on move to urge all Mount Kenya to support him for once.

Amid Raila's plea, Mutahi Ngunyi has sent a powerful message to all Kikuyus over their fate. Mutahi has disclosed that, if elections were held today, he could comfortably vote in Raila Odinga as the fifth president of Kenya.

Mutahi Ngunyi said "Dear Kikuyus: If elections are held today, I will vote Raila. And if I am wrong, I do not choose to be right. One man with GOD is in the majority. Let's meet in the future."