Law of Attraction-Does it really works?


The law of Attraction is one of the most confusing laws.

To start with, it states " Our thoughts are in constant vibration with a certain frequency and therefore positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences in a person's life."

Various authors and many other people who have believed that the law has worked for them in their lives promote it. People who believe in the law are Jack Canfield, Oprah Winfrey , Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more.

There was even a movie named "The Secret" which tries to explore all the 4 parts of the law of Attraction. The 4 parts are Health , Wealth, Abundance and Relationships.

Although many have claimed the law as a pseudoscience , it's effect depends on a person.

What many ask themselves is that the law doesn't account for failure. Those who believe in it says that those who fail do not strictly follow the law strictly since you must posess a positive mind all the time.

But can the human brain be trained to do that? A research has shown that the human brain makes more negative thoughts than positive ones in a single day.

Do you believe in the law of Attraction ? This law totally on a person and how he interpretes it.