(Legon Leaked): Level 200 student shows her kissing skills during online classes unaware.


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Ever since corona virus struck the world, many workers and students have been forced to do study or worker from home via the internet. This as shown how reckless some workers and students can be and this article is a prove of it.

This article you are about to read is about an alleged level 200 hundred girl by name Ruth Bilson from Legon campus who forgot to turn off her camera during online classes when she was having fun with her boyfriend.Some may say it was a deliberate act but in the video, one could see her quickly turning off the camera after realizing what has happened. It was too late for her though as one of the people active during that online session videotaped the whole act. (Cannot post the video here because I do not know how to do so. A little help will do please)

Back to the girl, she was supposed to be seriously listening or watching her lecturer at that time but she was busy with her boyfriend. The parents or care takers of this girl might be thinking the daughter is learning but see what is happening. Imagine if she was to be in a real classroom with her lecturer, do you think she would be doing that during class sessions?Reference: Expresses GH TV on YouTube.

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