Beautiful Wife and Daughter To Actor Charlie of Mother-in-law Show(Photos)

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Family is everything, it is where we run to when we have troubles. They give us a shoulder to lean on in life. As a man having a wife is priceless, this is because behind every successful man there is a strong woman praying for him. Children on the other hand make us to be more responsible, they bring happiness in the family. They make us to work extra harder in life. Today in the modern society we should learn to take care of our families. At the end of the day we will go back to them and when troubles come our family will be there.

Actor Charlie is a celebrited actor in the acting industry. He is a talented actor. He has graced our screens for a long time since mother-in-law show started being aired. Actor Charlie's real name is Patrick Oketch. He is married to a beautiful wife called Selina Mitego. The couple is blessed with one beautiful daughter called Olive. Charlie is a trained teacher but currently he is so much into art and thearte.

On his Facebook page @ Uncle Charlie he has shared photos of his beautiful daughter and wife. Charlie is a responsible family man, forget about his character on screen. Follow him@ Uncle Charlie. Have a look at photos of his beautiful daughter and wife. We wish him well in life.

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