N/R: Susu Collector Never Returned To The Community After Residents Deposited Their Money With Him.


The residents of Lanjah and its surrounding Communities in the Bimbilla municipality in the Northern region have loss huge amount of money to a Susu collector who never returned to the community.

A Susu collector who is a resident of Dambai in the Oti region has set up a Susu office at Lanjah in the Nanumba north of Bimbilla municipal in the Northern region where residents deposit money for two ( 2) months.

The name of this Susu union is JK SMART VENTURES.

If a person deposits Gh£100 for two months, he or she will go for Gh£500 after the two months.

But things went wrong as some residents have deposited more than Gh£200.00 and the man run away with the money.

Yesterday 16th of May 2021, a lot of people gathered at the Susu office for their money but no one was there to attend to their needs.

Even though, he gave them the date he would return after laying off his workers and locked the office but he never returned.

The residents are therefore worried as they have lost huge amount of money.

Below is the sample of a receipt from the JK SMART VENTURES.

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