Ministry of Education Releases Revised Academic Calendar


Ministry of education is doing everything possible to ensure normal academic year that runs from January to November as it used to be. Aftr disruption occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic academic year was interfered with and result ministry of education has released revised calendar as shown below.

2021 Academic year

Second term will run from 4th January 2021 to 19th, March 2021 a period of eleven weeks. Students will the close for seven weeks. KCPE and KCSE will then take place during the period that other learners will be at home.

Third term will begin on 10th May 2022 to 16th July, 2021 a period of 10 weeks their will be a half term break between 3rd June 2021 and 7th June, 2021. Students will transition to other class in July.

First term will then begin on 26th July, 2022 to October 1,2021. Students will then have one week holiday. Second term will begin on 11th October to 23rd December, 2021 a period of ten weeks. Students will the break for Christmas holidays from 24th December, 2021 to 2nd January, 2022.

2022 Academic year

This is a year that for the first time two different cohorts will sat for KCSE and KCPE examinations. The current form three and class seven will sit for their national examinations between March 7, 2022 to 1st April 2021. The current form two student and standard six pupil will too sit for their national examinations between November 28, 2022 to December 23,2022. This means that terms are so much compressed and teachers will have to work extra hard to prepare to classes for national examinations within the year.

Things will normalize in 2023 first term will begin in January as it used to be before disruption caused by novel coronavirus.