A student visits school with cockerel for form one admission

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A student called Lawrence Murimi at Kangaru School in Embu county has shocked many people after arriving at school with a cockerel to pay his school fee which is Ksh. 48,000 according to school administration.

The student who scored 313 marks in KCPE was accompanied by his mother with cockerel that he said he was gifted with by his uncle after being initiated previously.

The student who is 14 years old and the mother walked a distance of over 5 kilometers to school and were sent back home to look for the Ksh.48,000 for school fee required.

“I told my mother that since the cockerel that was given to me was the only thing that we can take to school after we tried knocking on all the doors seeking help but we couldn't get any,” the boy narrated.

The boy added that the cockerel valued Ksh. 1,000 a pinch of the amount that was needed for the boy to be admitted at school.

The students' mother revealed that he had moved to all the offices to look for school fees but nothing went successful and decided to take that move.

The student went to school having the old primary notebooks that he was using previously at primary level.

This mother who stays at Majengo estate as a single mother is now appealing for help from well wishers to support her son complete school.

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