Strict Measures That Muthee Kiengei Is Taking On His Congregants


In my church, Muthee Kiengei says, If you are beyond 35 years old and not married,you are not a youth anymore,i will treat you as per the constitution of my nation and the constitution of the church. If you Have a child or children and you are not married,you eventually join the junior mothers and fathers Group.

When you are in women council and you happened to divorce,You retain your position but under the strict supervision of the council Leadership, same case when you age under Disability circumstances,but you remain under supervision and the Guidance of the church under Disability Support system.

The Widows and Widowers are exempted under their will of life, through his church Guidance and communication.

The Church also take responsibility in Guiding and directing people suffering from Domestic violence and marital Threats. This means that,Court orders and Voluntary Divorces also happens, but are taken through the Marital Boards as per the Church Directives.

In catering for all levels of families,an own decision a woman or a man deciding to abide in Life with own kids is currently defined in the church as a Single Parent,disqualifying the Word "Single Mother Or Single Father".

AIPCA CHURCH respects marriage institutions and more so encourages the Youths to marry at their respective Constitutional age Gap.