"We Will Never Give Up On Our Daughter Who Was Born Different,"Parents says


A lady by the name Nyirabagenzi Honorine has narrated her 10 years old daughter's story who was born with a sickness condition known as hypertrichosis.

Jancy's mother says that it all started when she gave birth to her all along her journey of pregnancy she was very okey but when she gave birth to her baby girl she noticed that her baby had a huge mark on her face, she accepted it and took her baby home.

According to Honorine is that they went home and started taking care of their baby ,sadly when their kid turned 7 years old, hair started to grow in her face in the black mark, while she was bullied and rejected by her fellow friends, they used to call her animal names.

she says that they took their daughter to school while she was bullied by both her teachers and also her class mates.she was depressed up she would come home and ask her parents a lot of questions which they had no answers.

She says that they took their daughter to 9 different schools to avoid people from bulling her but unluckly every school she was transferred to the pupils there came up with an animal name some calls her gorilla while others calls her werewolf.

Honorine says that ,they are now tired of taking their daughter to different school since they had no money and it's also a wastage of time.she says that due to attending different schools their daughter has been performing poorly in class.

She thanks both her family and her husband because they have been supportive to her and they never abandoned her despite that her daughter is suffering from a body condition.

Jancy is suffering from a body condition known as hypertrichosis which affects both men and women and has no cure.Jancy's mother is worried that her daughter's condition might affect the whole of her body.

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(Source https://youtu.be/im5fR1YT9tE)

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