Why Kenyans should vote for Ruto in 2022


Kenya being a third world country is less developed and life is expensive for kenyans. Due to this reason, there is a need for careful choosing of leaders at various political positions. William samoei Ruto being one of the presidential aspirants come 2022 is likely to be the best choice for kenyans. 

This could be possible since kenyans need a leader who clearly understands the challenges of kenyans particularly on financial matters. With his slogan ''hustler", ruto was once a hustler living the life that equally resembles that of common kenyan citizens . He could possibly be the right person and knows where to start from in order to develop kenya as a nation. Ruto's original economic background presents his uniquiness in personal development which might be expected by the whole nation if he is given a chance to be the predent of the republic of kenya come 2022.

His uniqueness presents him totally different from the former and current presdent of the republic of kenya. With him, kenya is expected to develop both economically and infrustructural sectors.

Luswetialfayo kenya_public@operanewshub.com