I don't need secret hearing: If you are a man like me Choose one before 8pm -Kelvin to Chief Justice


We don't actually know what is between Kelvin Taylor and the Chief Justice. Ever since the 5 million dollars allegations involving the Chief Justice hits social media, Kelvin Taylor has never hosted his program without sending words to the Chief Justice. Today is another Monday and God willing Kelvin Taylor will be live on Facebook and other social media platforms including YouTube. Kelvin Taylor is determine to make sure the secret is known to Ghanaians whether the Chief Justice took the bribe or is just a mere hearsay.

Before the show tonight, Kelvin Taylor throws a new challenge to the chief Justice daring him to choose one before 8pm if he is a man like him. Kelvin Taylor provided a brilliant alternative for the Chief Justice to choose from. That is: Agoro or Ntokwa. In literal meaning, Agoro means to play and Ntokwa means to fight. This means that, Kelvin Taylor want the chief Justice to either choose Agoro or Ntokwa before 8pm today.

He further caution the Chief Justice that reasonable Ghanaians don't want any secret hearing, therefore he should make the hearing Public. We are still waiting if the Chief Justice will also come out to choose from the alternatives Kelvin Taylor has provided on his Facebook page before 8pm when he will start his program called With all due respect Extended version.

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