RIP| Sometimes Playing a Hero Will Cost Your Precious Life, a Man Shot Dead After Chasing Robbers

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A man tragically died on Wednesday after he was shot while chasing after a group of robbers in Gqeberha ~ SOWATANLIVE

Sometimes playing a hero will cost your life-those fools got a liver of killing a fully armed police officer, so a civilian is nothing. At times you dont have to chase them, just take the details or take a picture and give it to the police, after all-that money is insured and you are not, lets be carefull 

Chasing criminals was unnecessary, in South Africa you help the injured and let criminals run, even police doesn't attend serious situations like this immediately they wait it to calm and came later, with silly excuses to save their lives, may his soul rest in peace. He had good heart that costed him his precious life 

Well they are behind bars, hopefully they are removed from the streets for good. Condolences to the hero's family, we have become a country that protects criminals and blame those who try to fight for our safety. People are encouraged to turn a blind eye than to do something, rather die helping than turning a blind eye, because tomorrow will be your family member who gets robbed and shot for a purse

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