" Ntampiga Teke Ya Tumbo, Sijali Ana Uzito Gani " Disabled Man Fires At Sankok For Abusing Raila

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The ground has gained wild momentum as fresh details emerge on daily. A lot is happening across the country where politicians are trying their best to save themselves ahead of 2022. Today was a big day as Raila had a chance to meet disabled men at Nyayo stadium among other people.

During the speeches, one of the disabled men expressed his disappointment with Sankok saying that Sankok is among those abusing Raila yet he is also a lame man. The disabled Man released his grievances and threatened to kick Sankok's stomach because he is going the opposite of what other disabled men are doing in Kenya.

Source Link: https://youtu.be/JfVGVd4O12A

The disabled Man was extremely disappointed by how they are being treated and isolated in the society. He even said that he is now very happy because they have had another chance to be recognized by Raila Odinga. It was a great day in deed however, it revealed that disabled people are really suffering.

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