Help Opera Spread The Word; My Bitter Story As A Girl Suffering From Autism


Nobody likes me, or they do but they always put everyone else ahead of me. Those friends who I feel closest to choose someone else to join them to hang out or go on vacation with. Those who got married don't invite me to their weddings. Once a better friend comes along, my “friends” end up ditching me to talk to the better person.

People find me boring or disgusting. I'm not boring or disgusting! I just run out of things to say/ask and have different tastes! Please, I really wish I could be talkative and trendy like everyone else!

I always fail interviews and auditions.

Different autistics have different weird quirks or pet peeves. For me, I find disgust in fruits, especially bananas and grapes. I don't know why but I see most fresh produce as poop.

I'm the kind of person who finds more joy in hanging out alone than with other people, especially when there are those I don't like. People talking, especially those who talk faster than 2 syllables per second and laugh like they have asthma get on my nerves. It makes me as angry as if they were laughing about me.

I'm your average low maintenance fashion girl — I don't dye my hair, I hate keeping long nails & wearing nail polish, I usually wear a shirt shorts & slippers and in hijabs instead of off-shoulder top, skinny jeans/skirt & heels, I rarely wear contact lenses because my eyes dry easily, & I rarely buy new clothes. In a nutshell, I dress what feels good but doesn't have to look good. I don't see how other girls dress the opposite and look like they're still on cloud 9.

My family life is hell on earth. My parents have been pampering me & paying more attention to me than to my brother, all because I'm younger & have autism. Now I have a brother who pretends I don't exist. Before they got their new home, he stayed at his wife's house more often than he came back to ours, talks to our parents but not to me (still does), cooped in his room if I'm in the hall, & even scheduled his honeymoon such that he won't have to celebrate my birthday! Autistics who have inclusive siblings, count your blessings.

I'm very sensitive to shows and movies with intense emotions. Any medium with tons of arguing, cruelty, despair, financial unrest, “what to do in life” emphases, love triangles (including adultery) and/or in-law tensions. It doesn't even need to have violence. Just watching these makes me feel as hurt as if I'm going through the same problem. I prefer comedy and slice-of-life media as they're like natural anti-depressants.