Reduce The Consumption Of These 4 Things To Avoid Health Issues This Ramadan


The holy month of Ramadan, full of rewards, goodness, blessings is just a day away, but this year Ramadan coincides with summer in this country. We are advised to remain and stay hydrated even after fasting. You advise consuming more hydrated food and drink plenty of water from the period of eating during the month. Today, we have some things to avoid during the month and stay healthy. It is indeed challenging in the summer as the heat drains the body. Here are some foods to avoid during the holy month. 

1. Salty food

Salty food should be avoided as much as possible or you should reduce the intake of such food. This is because the food which contains a lot of salt will make a fasting person thirsty. 

2. Reduce the intake of food that contains carbohydrates

Traditionally, such food takes time before it gets digest. Some carbohydrate food includes white flour and sugars such as sweets and chocolate. All these make you gain weight and might result in dehydration.

3. Carbonated drinks

Please, my dear sisters and brothers, at any cost avoid soda drinks or carbonated drinks. Instead, drink a lot of water and local juice drinks like lemon, apple, watermelon, and other fruits. 

4. Deap Fried food

Fried food should be reduced during the time of fasting.