Check Out What Fella Makafui And Medikal Were Seen Doing That Is Causing Stir Online

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Being a celebrity comes with a lot of responsibilities as normally, people try to always look out or stay focused on getting to know what happens in the life of their favourite celebrities.

This is why most of the celebrities like to keep certain aspects of their life, most especially their marital issues away from the general public.

Most often, people normally have this kind of mindset pertaining to the fact that the marriage of two celebrities normally do not hold because most people think that since the two are well known by people, the media could a greater influence on their marriage which may not let things work out well for them.

This seems not to be the case at all, as when one looks at the well known celebrity couple, Fella and beer dear husband Medikal, you would realize that this thought does not hold at all.

This couple could indeed sometimes make you feel like getting married on the spot due to certain romantic actions of theirs that normally surfaces online.

At some times, you would see lovely comments of Medikal to certain posts of Fella on social media that touches the hearts of many people.

There is this very short video trending online supposedly involving the two ones again.

In the video, you would see Fella beautifully dressed and seated as if she were about to do something and all of a sudden, a male voice supposed to be that of Medikal giving her lovely complement indicating that she looked very beautiful.

As we know ladies easily get carried away by nice complements, Fella looked very happy and began to give him kisses in the air thanking him so much. Check out some photo of Fella Makafui that shows how beautiful she looks.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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