Checkout how this man was celebrating after divorcing his wife (photos)


What makes two people fall in love to an extent that they agree on a relationship to the exclusion of everyone else? We don't know. Science cannot find the answer. We just know that everyday, people are making plans to spend the rest of their lives together. Even as more people are leaving their marriages, more still want to get in. This is quite ironic.

These days, the rate of divorce is alarming. People spend so much money to get married only to be torn apart. While it is common to heap blames on the man, the fact that someone is seriously celebrating a divorce calls for alarm. I mean, it looks like he's celebrating an escape from prison.

This man whose reasons for the divorce is still unknown took time to write on his beautiful car. Here are some of the photos.

These photos are funny yet sad. We an only hope that he finds peace for himself.