WATCH | Panicking mom runs after stroller with baby inside as it rolls down steep road

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A terrified mother was captured on video rushing after a stroller rolling down the road with her baby inside.

The woman is seen walking into a building in the video. She places the baby stroller on a tar road next to the pavement as she prepares to open the door.

According to Sky News, the incident occurred in Turkey.

The stroller glides down the steep road in a matter of seconds. A white automobile approaches from behind, almost colliding with the stroller with the baby inside.

After a while, the woman discovers the errant stroller and dashes after it. In the video, a motorist can also be seen dashing down the road to assist in the rescue of the baby.

The video quickly stops without a clear indication of what happened to the infant, however Sky News reports that the 10-month-old baby landed in a yard and was unhurt.

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