Wrong Ways Children Are Corrected Publicly


The Bible says that children are the inheritance of God. And blessed is the one who has them around his or her table.

When you have children, they stand as a security for you whenever a person or people want to attack you.

Children are therefore the joy of their parents. They make parents happy during their time of learning to talk.

But there come a stage in their lives where parents need to check and correct them on their ways of presenting themselves publicly and their moral lifestyle.

This is what my article is all about. 

1. Understand the maturity stage of your child

At least every parents know the maturity stage of their children and their level of understanding in certain issues.

So when your child does something bad in public where you think he or she should have known better you can correct him or her in love.

But when the child is rebuked publicly, his or her confidence level will reduce because of the people who may be around.

2. Correcting your children harshly in public

It's obvious our children can behave in a surprising manner at some points when we least expect it.

Sometimes the venue that they may behave that way may not be a pleasant but in all parents need to exercise self control.

They can use their body language that the child understand to talk to him or her.

But when they come home, they can correct the child properly with any kind of warnings they deserve.

And also let the child be aware of their reasons for waiting for them to come home before giving him or her the correction he or she deserves.

This will make the child understand the facts that mommy or daddy didn't hate him or her but they want things to go well with him or her now and the future.

But one thing I will plead with parents is not to punish their children instead of correcting them. God bless all parents.

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