Died after drinking uMqombothi


A man by the name of Tokelo (56) from Botshabelo, Free State has died. This comes after he drank a home-made traditional beer also known as uMqombothi on Wednesday.

Tokelo bought the beer in his neighborhood and started having cramps after drinking it. His family says Tokelo has been okay all along, he only started acting strange after he had drank the traditional beer.

"Tokelo died a very healthy man. He was at my house even cutting a tree for me. I was not here when he met his sudden death but, we heard that he died after drinking the traditional beer" -Tokelo's Aunt

The family says that tokelo loved drinking the traditional beer but they suspect this is not just death but he was being targeted. It is alleged that the ambulance took forever to arive and Tokelo eventually gave in his life.

"My uncle was a peaceful man who loved his family. It would be better it we have answers to what and why it happened. He had a boy that he was raising and he loved very much. This is sad and we hope one day we will get closure as to what happened. We want to know where did he get the traditional beer" -Tokelo's nephew 

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