Fashion Or Madness: Look At Insane Photos Of People With Crazy Outfits

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Being creative isn't always an art, but rather an ability that originates from within your head.

And what you wear will influence how people perceive you as you pass by. Across the country, we have diverse fashion and different people who can design different things.

There are some folks who don't give a damn what other people think about their clothing. "Is it too much, do I look ugly, am I truly insane?" These folks would never ask themselves such concerns because they knew exactly what they were doing before donning these garments.

The trend of wearing plastics as dresses became quite popular in South Africa in 2018, and it was trending all over social media, but it was definitely the females behind it.

Then there's the green leaf attire, which is typically worn by Nigerian women when they're performing dances, traditional dances, and ceremonies for their culture, or when they're having a traditional wedding.

In Africa, holey jeans are really popular; everyone loves them, but they are a little too much for some people. Some may argue that you squandered your money by purchasing something that has already been wrecked.

Wired reports that "It's all about revealing skin on the beaches of Miami or Rio. On a beach near Qingdao, China, though, it's all about covering up, even if it means resembling a lucha libre star. The unique "facekinis" worn over their heads to compliment the colorful swimsuits they wear to shield themselves from the sun and enormous jellyfish have become recognized, even fashionable."


Some people conduct their life without considering the opinions of others, which is correct.

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