Beautiful Photos Of Ferdinand Omanyala And Wife Training That Has Elicited Reactions Online.

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Ferdinand Omanyala has gained fame following his ability to sprint in short races that require a high sprinting rate. Omanyala made records a couple of weeks ago after emerging a winner and runners up to win medals for the country.

His wife whom he says has helped him alot and used her money to settle the expenses when he was broke have released photos of them training together.

Ferdinand Omanyala and his wife, Laventa, an athlete, have previously undertaken fitness exercises together and photos of their sessions are simply amazing.

Photos: Ferdinand Omanyala Omurwa and wife training.

Ferdinand Omanyala and Laventa, are both athletes and Omanyala confirmed that the wife has helped him so much in fitness exercises and he promised that he will offer anything that the wife want.

Kenyan sprinter Ferdinand omanyala Omurwa has been in the limelight after becoming the African record holder and the 8th fastest man of all time in 100 metres race. He clocked a time of 9.77 seconds on September 18, 2021, at The Kip Keino Classic event in Nairobi.

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