We will not always play good football - Hearts of Oak Communication Member pleads


The gathered momentum of the Ghana Premier League is evolving, and it has been around the giants that have started approaching the top spot of the league.

In an 18 teams league, 34 matches are expected to be played by each club at the end of the league. The stage where the league has gotten to only calls for a tactful and pragmatic approach to the rest of the matches.

Accra Hearts of Oak is short of two points from the top. Looking at the games left and the points gap, it is obvious that Hearts of Oak is eyeing for the top spot.

In their quest to be there, the Ashanti Regional Communications member, Hashmi, has called on supporters of the club to stay calm and not to be over expectant as they approach the remaining matches with cautiousness.

"Every match now is a fierce one, so all we need to do is to manage a win. Looking at how the league is, we will not always play good football, so our supporters should be patient.

"In our last game, we endured last-minute pressure as if we were on a time bomb. But luckily, we could manage a win." - Hashmi on Wontumi FM

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