Tips On What To Do If Your Boyfriend Ignores You


What To Do If Your Boyfriend Ignores You

1. Send Him A Short, Casual Text

When a couple starts playing the ignoring game, the relationship will break down very quickly.

This is not what you want, especially when you don’t know the REAL reason why he’s ghosted you.

2. Give Him Some Space

If he is avoiding you after your short text, the next step is to give him some space.

In other words, don’t reach out to him for a couple of days.

Sometimes, guys need space to deal with their emotions alone.

Texting him over and over again will turn him off, making him even more cold towards you.

3. Invite Him To Open Up To You

At this stage, you should call him out for ignoring you, but do it in a calm and relaxed manner, without any anger.

A good way to do this is to send him this text:

“Hey, I’m not sure why you’ve been ignoring me recently. Please don’t do this. If you’re ready to open up, I’m always happy to listen.”

4. Slowly Start Moving On

Every man’s mind contains the “chase” instinct.

It’s hardwired inside their minds, in the same way dogs love playing fetch and chasing after tennis balls.

But once you get too comfortable with him, he will not value you the same way.

5. Give Him An Ultimatum

Make it clear that you’re tired of playing games, and you’re ready to move on if he doesn’t stop ignoring you.

This puts pressure on him to make a decision – Either commit 100% to you again, or lose you



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