Adom TV's Tima Kumkum who confessed that she married to make her "ex" jealous finds new love


Cynthia Tima Yeboah affectionately referred to as Tima Kumkum, popular show hostess on Adom TV's Indian series commentary, finds new love with another gentleman. The lady who was interviewed by Delay a few weeks ago, disclosed that she never really had feelings for her ex husband but only married him to spite her ex lover who broke her heart.  

Today on social media, she is in the arms of another man in a beautiful and romantic picture with the caption “the way he looks at me tells it all" and in another picture of them looking cozy together, she writes “let’make this a success, with God at the centre” and that “the world is a better place with people like “ him in it. The guy identifies himself as one Mr Calvin.

We hope this one is based on true feelings and that Mr Calvin does not use her past mistakes of marrying for the wrong reasons to judge her. 

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