Why You Should Pick Your Huduma Card


The government of Kenya in 2019 started the registration of it's citizens in the Huduma number program that was to make sure that the government had each and every data of every individual so as to lower the data burden in it's systems which would become a major problem in the future.

The Huduma number will be a combination of all the identify documents that the government issue to Kenyans such as the national identification card, passport, driver license, National security social card, National Hospital Insurance card, Kenya Revenue Authority Tax Pin among others, one will only be required to carry the Huduma Card in order to get any kind of services.

The reason why you should pick your Huduma Card from your county Huduma center as early as today is because the ID cards will stop working very soon and be replaced by Huduma cards, this will create a lot of jam in the Huduma centers.

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