5 Reasons why some men find it difficult to approach ladies

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1.The fear of being rejected

Some men fear being rejected by ladies and they find themselves very fearful in approaching ladies.Men who are not confident usually fear rejection,therefore,this makes most of the men passing by a group of ladies without even waving or saying hi.

2.Lack of words and expressions

Some men when they approach ladies,they lack words to express and when they are with other fellow men ,they can even speak fluently with convincing expressions.

3.Unfriendly experience

Some men fear ladies due to what they last experienced while approaching other ladies.Some men even get slapped by ladies and this makes them fearful to approach ladies.

4.Lack of socialization

Some men are just silent most of their time,this makes it hard for them in conversing with ladies.This causes lack of communication skills of how to talk to ladies and makes men fear approaching ladies.

5.Lack of confidence

Many men do not have confidence that they can convince a lady and win her heart.They doubt so much and keep on asking themselves rhetoric questions in case of a possible rebuff.

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