I am proud of myself. I deserve some love.

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Ashley fires is a beautiful woman with a massive following on Instagram. She is from New York and is a motivational speaker and a body positivity influencer. She believes she deserves love.

You see Ashley is not just a regular girl, she has only one arm. When people asked about the lack of a second arm she stated:

" I fell out of a moving car at 16 years old and that led to the amputation of my right arm. I was in a coma for months but when I woke up I only smiled and laughed with my brother and my mom. That year was the worst year of my life.

Many people have a problem dating people with disabilities. In fact, there have been many stories of people who leave their spouses after they become paralyzed from accidents or disease or whatever.

The truth is people with disabilities are still awesome people and most are able to maintain a very high level of independence despite their shortcomings. They are also extremely strong mentally because they don't wallow in depression but learn that this world does not owe you anything. They are awesome people.

A beautiful girl like Ashley deserves all the love in the world and I'm sure she will definitely find it one day.

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