See that top 5 most beautiful Zee-word actresses

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See that top 5 most beautiful Zee-word actress

India is well known to have beautiful actresses or in general.

I known that the purpose for you clicking on this article is because you want to find out who the most beautiful female India actress is. 

That is the reason why I went online and found out the most beautiful actresses in India.

Let's start properly

5.Roopal Tyagi (Gunjan)

She is an Indian actress on daily soap television and one of the best choreographers, the role that she played in young dreams on Zeeword. She is currently Trending that's why she us part of this list.

She was born and brought up in Bangalore. She was born in the year 1989 October 5th.

4. Neha marda (urmi)

Neha marda is an Indian actress. She is popularly known as urmi samrat Singh in the role she played in the show lies of the heart.

3. Shivangi Joshi (Poonam)

Shivangi Joshi is an Indian actress who has a baby face. I personally Really love the role she played in Begusarai as Poonam.

2. Samiksha jaiwal (mehek)

Samiksha jaiwal is an Indian actress popularly known for the role she played In the zee world series “mehek".

With her big, Brown and round eyes, she was able to steal many heart in zee world including mine.

1.sriti jha (Pragya)

Shriti jha was born in 1986 April 26th in Begusarai. She played the role of Pragya in the zee world series twist of fate.

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