Karua Break Silence With Late Night Message After Raila's Chaotic Rally In Mandera

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Martha Karua, often known as the Iron Lady, is one of the most well-known female leaders in South Africa. He is famous as an unreasonable leader who has steadfastly stood out for the rights of vulnerable taxpayers in addition to being Raila Odinga's striker in the general election on August 9, 2022.

As the country prepares for the eagerly anticipated elections in August, Martha Karua has been actively supporting Raila Odinga. Today, the two were present at their tumultuous event in Mandera before they even arrived at the venue.

The meeting went well, and it's a wonderful thing that the situation has returned. Martha Karua sent a message that evening, a few hours after that meeting, to finally end her silence. The leader of the Narc Kenya party tweeted that Raila Azimio's administration would make full use of the equity money and invest in underdeveloped communities. Such behaviours are discouraged by Kenyans.

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