When Your Mum Says That You And Your Friend Can Have A Sleepover And Other Memes

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When the light turned green 0.1 second ago and someone bleeps the horn behind you.

When your mum says that you and your best friend can have a sleepover.

Me when I wait for a text.

When you kill a boss in GTA after dying 452 times.

The movie villain vs the actual villain.

When my girlfriend asks if I can help her open a jar.

When your crush doesn't have a partner and is looking for one.

When I'm on my period and someone says hi.

I sometimes listen to other strangers conversation and give my opinion.

The faces you make when you see through the bullshit.

People's reaction after the power has been out for 13 hours.

I've not eaten for half an hour and I'm feeling weak and starving.

When someone says something that I didn't asked him about.

We faked a proposal just to get free dessert.

Feel free to talk behind my back, but don't kiss my ass when you see me.

When someone who is fat starts telling you that you're fat.

That moment when you throw up and your friend asks you if you're good.

When you get home drunk and remember that you have leftovers.

Me when someone asks me if I can cook.

When you ask your mum for money and she says you should bring her bag.

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