Meet Tunde Onakoya's Adopted Son as He Starts His First Day at School

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Popular Chess Organiser and founder on the Streets and slums of Lagos— Tunde Onakoya has an adopted son and celebrates his first day at school.

The young man @Tunde_OD took to Twitter to share the testimony that about a year ago; he found a little boy in the slums of Ikorodu, Lagos picking garbage from the floor, he adopted the boy and ever since the boy has lived with him.

According to Tunde, Monday is his first day at school. The name of the young boy in the picture is called Sunday as revealed by Tunde.

Tunde also lauds the boy's performance as he has done exceptionally well in his academics and aced the entrance examination that enrolled him into Primary One.

Tunde added that one year ago he visited the boy's home to gift him and his sister Odunayo clothes. Tunde acknowledged that the sister has also been adopted, but she lives with his mother and will be starting school on Tuesday.

Tunde's humanitarian action should be commended, it is so thoughtful of him to adopt both siblings as well as enrol them immediately into the school curriculum. Such an effort merit a noble award and recognition in our society.

Thunder posted some of his results and remarks with flying colours. Indeed the future of Sunday is bright... Also, Tunde acknowledged that Sunday is also a very good chess player.

On his first day of school, Tunde decided to write a lovely letter of notice to the teachers. In this beautiful letter as of every Father who wants the best of their child and requests that teacher to make, teach and build Sunday into the best version of himself.

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