Cute Pictures of Wasafi TV Host Mama Dangote Wants Diamond to Marry Instead of Zuchu

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Diamond's mother Sanura Sandra popularly known as Mama Dangote seems to have found a woman who fits her qualities that she wants Diamond to marry.

Her 'perfect' pick for the Wasafi Media CEO comes shortly just after Diamond confirmed through an instagram post that he is Zuchu husband.

Mama Dangote is reportedly prefering Wasafi TV and Wasafi Fm presenter Aaliyah for marraige to her son Naseeb Abdul alias Diamond over WCB signee Zuchu.

This pick is reported to have risen a disagreement between Diamond and his mother.

Diamond has picked Zuchu as his perfect wife while his mother has picked the presenter Aaliyah as the most suitable wife to his son who in the past has been involved with a host of different women.

Gossip had it that Diamond was secretely dating Aaliyah before he shifted his love to the Sukari hitmaker.

Diamond's mother is thought to be worried about Zuchu as she is an affluent artist with characters similar to Diamond.

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