Mike Sonko Files a Petition to Remove Justice Chitembwe From Office, Hints on More Petitions Soon

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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been exposing alot of rot in government and specifically in the Judiciary. He has vowed that his series of exposing people is not coming to an end very soon. At some point, he hinted at exposing a conversation with the first in command but Kenyans have urged him not to do so.

He is back again today with another information on how they have filled a petition to chase away Justice Juma Saidi Chitembwe away from the Judicial Offices Commission at their offices in Reinsurance Plaza, Taifa Road. This comes after Mike Sonko leaked some audio recordings indicating how Justice Chitembwe is a corrupt individual who misused his office for personal gains.

Mike Sonko also added that he has high level of respect for the Judiciary and therefore, he is not in any way trying to implicate or black mail any Judicial officer whatsoever. Yesterday, Mike Sonko faced backlash from a section of Kenyans after he badly exposed Merry Nkatha and even showing her sensitive body parts to the public.Mike Sonko has also hinted on how he is going to file petition on how windows and investors have been swindled properties worth billions in a conspiracy between some judges, land grabbers and known cartels.

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