6 Effective Ways To Prevent Scorpion From Entering Your Home

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Scorpions are among the most hardy creatures on our planet. Scorpions can live in almost any environment, from scorching heat to subzero temperatures. Getting rid of scorpions can be a difficult task.

Scorpions are a common annoyance in people's homes. These arachnids are most common in the southern United States, with the larger species living in arid environments.

Scorpions prefer to spend the day hiding in dark places, emerging only at night to gather food and water. You can exterminate them by hunting at night, destroying their food and shelter, introducing predators, and spraying. Some of the most effective methods for keeping scorpions out of your home are as follows:

1) Drain any excess moisture:

When Scorpions enter a property, they look for water. Maintain a dry and leak-free environment by keeping corners, closets, and crawl spaces clean. It is not a good idea to leave water in puddles or containers near the exterior of your home.

2) Get rid of bugs in your home:

Scorpions feed on insects, so if you have roaches, ants, or other pests in your home, you must first get rid of them before the scorpions will leave.

3) Eliminate scorpion hiding places:

Scorpions prefer to hide in shadows, especially during the day. Remove any structures in and around your home that a scorpion could use as a suitable hiding place.

4) Trim any bushes or small trees:

Allow bushes and trees to grow to the point where they touch the exterior walls of your house—scorpions use these as bridges to enter through windows or other small holes.

5) Insecticide that kills scorpions:

Spray a scorpion-killing insecticide in a 6 foot (2 yard) radius around the outside of the house. Spray up to a height of one foot on the foundation wall (.3 yards). Spray pesticide around the windows, doors, and baseboards inside the house. Basements, garages, and closets should all be sprayed with insecticide.

6) Maintain your home's security.

Scorpions can squeeze through a small hole. Sealing your home is an important step in keeping them out. To ensure the safety of your home, take the following steps to seal your doors, windows, and foundation.

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