Check Out The Throwback Pics Of Your Favourite Celebrities And Realize How Far They Have Come


The journey of life is one which is continuous and is in stages. As human beings we are all entitled to one lifetime and this begins from the time we are born till the moment we die. Like I already said there are several stages in an average person's life. These are childhood, teenage or adolescent stage and finally the adult stage. We pass through all these stages once.

We all have the entertainer we prefer over other ones in showbiz. Whether it is music, cinema or other forms of art. Patapaa, Kidi, Kuami Eugene are just some of them. From interviews and TV shows we know that they didn't all have it easy in the beginning especially during their childhood days but they have made it in life. Below are some of the superstars of Ghana and their childhood pictures.

1 .Sarkodie

Obidiponbidi. When you hear this you know it's the Rapperholic king. He is one of if not the best rappers in Ghana. He has made a name for himself in Africa and beyond. The photo shows him before his fame.

2 .Stonebwoy

The dancehall king is one of Ghana's most wonderful musicians the world had ever had. He has a unique gift and he blesses us with it through his music. Here is how he looked before his great fame.

3 .Juliet Ibrahim

She is beautiful inside and out. I like to call her a real queen. Juliet Ibrahim is one of the many beautiful Ghanaiain women in existence. The actress clearly had her beauty from her childhood to now as you can see in the picture.

4 .Nadia Buari

Another beautiful woman we all admire. Nadia Buari is absolutely gorgeous and this is not just in physical appearances but deep down too. She is a representation of African beauty.

From the pictures have you observed anything? They are not the same as they were before. Our superstars have all changed in a good way. They prove that change comes after working hard.