I Don't Dig My Water, I Simply Purify The Water Provided By Ghana Water Company - Afia Reveals


Some weeks ago, Afia took to the various social media platforms to let Ghanaians know that she has now officially ventured into the Pure Water Manufacturing and Distribution business.

In an interview with Zion Felix, she took the opportunity to reveal several aspects of the business so as to put critics to rest.

One of her major statements was that she doesn't dig her water, she simply uses the water which is being provided by the Ghana Water Company, and then refines it using special equipments she acquired to make the water very safe.

She adds that using the above stated method, the much better process as compared to those who dig to extract water, as the Ghana Water Company has to a large extent helped treat the water.

She also adds that she and her entire family rely solely on the water she is producing for consumption as well, as she says she has heard a lot of rumours stating that she doesn't drink the water she is producing.

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