Moesha Did Not Repent To Please You


God is the ultimate Judge of us all and I find it quite strange and surprising why people would be so much into another’s decision to give their lives to God.

If we were all perfect and without sin, there wouldn’t be the need for churches or mosques. The purpose of these two is to rescue the perishing and to guide people to act morally right.

I do not understand why people appear to be very surprised by Moesha’s repentance to the extent that, they accuse her of taking it and that she would go back to her old ways.

We have witnessed hardened criminals, people who have lived wayward lives and done a lot of negative things giving their lives to God.

Moesha is not and cannot be the worst among us all.

Moeaha’s repentance should be an inspiration to us all and not the other way round. She attempted suicide because of the things people have been saying about her. Sadly, the same people criticizing and making jokes of her repentance are the same people who would say the best things about her if anything untoward happens to her.

We should be mindful and consider the psychological effects of our actions on people and be measured.

Moesha Boduong’s “change of heart” is not something too big for God to do and it is not within our merits to judge a fellow human being.

We all have our skeletons and are not perfect and so instead criticizing others, we should look within us and also work on ourselves.

God did not come for the righteous but to save and rescue the perishing.

You have a responsibility to bring people closer to God and not to push people away from Him.

Do not be the devil’s advocate.

If you are not inspired by Moesha’s situation, allow others to be inspired.


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