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Zimbabwe used to be known as one of the most educated country in Africa .Their education system was by far the best .They are using the British curriculum .However thats was during the time when Mugabe was the president .Now the education of Zim has fallen .Its now just average .However Zimbabweans are still considered as intelligent .This was proved by the number of Zimbabweans who wrote Matric last year .Most of them did extremely well .

One was a young man from the prestigious St Johns College .He obtained 8 disctinctions with a 89.4 average.These are very good marks and he made Zimbabweans very proud


He also became proof that hairstyles don't matter when it comes to school as many African kids have been made to believe.For so long the sytem has been forcing kids to cut their hair or stick to a certsin hairstyle all because it will affect their grades.

Of course the fact that he went into St Johns College count because that school obtained a 100% pass rate and all their students achieved a bachelor pass .One of their student is even going to Havard University .

This shows that good education is the best gift you can ever give to your child. Its what will open doors for them in the future .People must stop this narrative that education is useless because it is not .

Many people expressed that they would like to take their kids to the St Johns College too but the school fees made them to quickly change their minds. The school fess is almost R200 000 a year .Not many people make that much money in a year in South Africa .

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