7 Ways The Rich Think Differently From Everyone Else.

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1. The Rich Wants To Be Educated, Everyone Else Wants To Be Entertained.

The poor and middle class spends their money and time on things like Netflix series, hours of scrolling on TikTok and Instagram. The rich spends their money and time on online courses and books on wealth and business.

2. The Rich Believes In Learning, Everyone Else Believes In Certifications.

The poor and middle class worship certifications, resumes and formal education. The rich values self education and financial education.

3. The Rich Invests, Everyone Else Spends

The poor spends on lottery tickets and random stuff. Middle class spends on liabilities, for instance bigger house and latest car models. The rich invests in assets, buys more cash flow producing and appreciating assets.

4. The Rich Focuses On Earning, Everyone Else Focuses On Saving

The poor and middle class have a scarcity mindset and thinks money is limited. So they focus on saving, at the expense of earning. The rich knows that nobody saved their way to riches. You earn your way to riches.

5. The Rich Has An Action Mentality, Everyone Else Has A Waiting Mentality

The poor waits for lottery wins. The middle class waits for job promotions. The rich goes out to build successful businesses and buy assets.

6. The Rich Focuses On Assets, Everyone Else Focuses On Jobs

The poor and middle class look for better jobs or work multiple jobs. The rich buys appreciating and cash flow producing assets such as stocks, real estate. And if they can't find them, they create them.

7. The Rich Plays To Win, Everyone Else Plays Not To Lose

The poor and middle class are afraid of taking risks and ironically, in a world full of constant changes, end up broke. The rich play to win the game of wealth and take calculated risks all the time and end up wealthy.

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