10 year old boy Killed by two teenagers for sakawa


On a holy saturday like this,after the death of Jesus Christ.Where most people especially christian are waiting the resurrection of the saviour Jesus Christ just in some few hours to come.

News coming in indicates that, two teenage boys of 16 years respectively have killed a 10 year old boy in kasoa for money rituals (Sakawa).

According to reports going round on social media.The two teenage boys lured the little boy to come out to play with them.Little did the boy know what they had in mind .These two boys managed to kill this little boy in cold blood.After which they cut off his ear.

Unfortunately for them, after cutting off the boys ear.They decided to get rid of the body.And this was where they were busted by the boys father. Who shouted and that draw the attention of residents in the vicinity.He then called the police and they came to arrest them.Prior to their arrest they were given some beatens before the police came to their rescue.We will continue to bring you more updates on this tragedy.

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