List Of Prominent Leaders That Have Been Invited By Mudavadi For His Awaited Declaration

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ANC party leader Hon Musalia Mudavadi has been making headlines in recent days now following his awaited declaration that will shape the presidential race. Barely two days left to his big day various prominent leaders have been invited to attend the big declaration.

Pro handshake politicians, Raila Odinga, Jubilee party members Dp Ruto are among the leaders who have missed from the invitation as close friends of Mudavadi and OKA movement have been given first priority.

“We have already invited OKA principals. I have not seen any invitation for Raila. Neither have I seen one for Jubilee. Why would we invite our competitors when we are launching our bid for the presidency? To come and do what?” Posed ANC Secretary-General Simon Gikuru.

Among the invited include; all OKA Principals, , Cyrus Jirongo, former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, National Assembly speaker Hon Justin Muturi, diplomats, media among others.who have all confirmed their attendance.

According to report from the Standard Media newspaper, Cleophas Malala has confirmed that they have not invited Dp Ruto for he is a friend and a competitor hence will not be invited to the big day for Mudavadi.

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