Opinion: Check Out Manchester United's Possible Starting XI If They Sign Their Transfer Targets

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Manchester United would need to go back on track after their recent demonstrations, and it's safe to say they're far from perfect.

Today, we take a look at what united might be able to do next season if ole actually needs to overhaul Manchester United's winning mentality.

Building a team isn't easy; it takes time. Time isn't on Ole's side; it's been two seasons and the administrator has yet to win a single award.


Manchester is now on the lookout for a defender, and Ole should do everything in his power to get him to Old Trafford.

Varane is the perfect partner for Maguire. Bailly is prone to injury and unreliable, while Linderlof is a mobile disaster.

Varane appears to be the best option for a group.


Sancho's arrangement might be completed in half a month if each player agrees to their own terms while working together.

The United wing area requires more innovation; James started his career at United in style, but he couldn't keep the exhibitions going for long.

Daniel James was unable to break into the primary group after only a few weeks, which led to Greenwood being the mentor's first choice.

Sancho's marking will be more balanced.


Harry Kane is now the best striker in English football; the England international has been at the top of his game for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down.

Last season, Manchester's main problem was their inability to score goals. Last season's military was a disaster, and the team had to rely on Cavani Brillance to get them through, but even that wasn't enough to win a trophy.

Manchester United require a long-term solution, which turns out to be Harry Kane. The player is a natural scorer with a fantastic positioning to go along with his scoring ability.

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